Job Application Cover Page Package for Europe /Bewerbungsfotos und Deckblatt Fotopaket (in the Upstate SC)

Dear Valued Customers,
On the contrary with the job application process in the USA, in the most European countries is a Job Application Cover Page, including your professional headshots requested.
Please contact me at studio@frennet.com, in case you need this photo package.
You can find few samples of the Job Application Cover Page below.
Thank you so much to one of my customers for letting me to use his professional headshots.
Package Pricing -  http://www.studio.frennet.com/Pricing.html.
I am so proud and congratulate all my clients that they got a job in Germany.

For my valued German Customers in the Upstate:

Sehr geehrte Damen und sehr geehrte Herren,
Ich biete Bewerbungsfotos und Bewerbungsdeckblatt Pakete an.
Bitte kontaktieren Sie mich per Email studio@frennet.com, falls Sie dieses Paket benötigen.
Ein paar Muster der Bewerbungsdeckblaetter finden Sie unten.
Vielen Dank an meinen Klienten, dass ich seine Fotos benutzten durfte.
Paketpreis -  http://www.studio.frennet.com/Pricing.html.
Ich bin so stolz und gratuliere meinen bisherigen Klienten, dass sie alle in Deutschland eine Stelle gekriegt haben.


Corporate and Business Professional Headshots

Dear valued corporate and business customers,
Think about the reception of your company, where your whole team has its own photograph and your business partners can already picture the important person, they are going to meet in a minute and can visualize your team.
Think about each member of your team, what feeling of togetherness and linkage they get to see her/his photo on the wall.
Think about the possibility to introduce new member of your team.
Think about your business cards, your websites, your flyers and any possible means of marketing sources and tools.
Think about your profile photos at the LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, MySpace and other social networks.

Please contact me at studio@frennet.com to book your corporate session.

Thank you so much to Klaus that I could use his professional headshots for this post.

Connie, Greg, Payton, Dylan and John

I cannot believe it took me so long to post the photos of this amazing and beautiful family.
These handsome boys have the biggest heart in the whole wide world.

Dear Connie, Greg, Payton, Dylan and John,
Thank you so much for the wonderful time and posing on the hottest day in South Carolina.