New Website is on-line

I have finally finished the new website and published it on-line today. Enjoy it.

The Most Beautiful Christmas Present

I could not imagine to get a nicer Christmas present.
Thank you so much to Brandon!!!

Here is the story:
I ordered our pictures a little late- they are suppose to come today- however Brandon said we could place this in the grandparent's frame. It is a copy of your picture from memory- he even has drawn the backdrop and lights!!! :-) I am so moved and had to share.

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Dear Friends, 
Welcome to Frennet Studio's Blog. 
Next to Website, Facebook Page, Picasa and YouTube. Blog should be another mean, how you can connect with Frennet Studio and view my recent work. 
I also plan to write my recommendations about photo equipment, literature, locations, venders and everything connected with photographs and Frennet Studio here. 
Kindest regards 
Eva Frenzel/Frennet Studio